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Silicon Alley Expansion Means East Coast Investment

So what do a lost pet and east coast investors have in common?

We’ll get to that answer shortly. Recently we were invited to the east cost to participate in Club Pitch Baltimore moderated by Shark Tank’s Daymond John (Founder and CEO of FUBU). This event took 30 start-ups (ours being 1) and had them pitching to a group of east coast based investors. What was interesting was the preponderance of information technology start-ups that were invited to participate.

In the past, east coast investors have primarily invested in financial instruments, real estate, manufacturing and medical technology. As these investments seem to have shrunk, they are wisely searching for the next innovation that will allow them to invest and get a good return. Ergo— we have information and bio technology. In today’s world we know that information and bio technology appear to be the next big wave.

If we look at the west coast we can see that they see the next tech wave coming and have been investing. But the east coast has been moving in that direction as well. On Dec 19th Business Insider reported Cornell and Technion to build NYC Tech Campus on Roosevelt Island. This is part of the Silicon Alley revolution occurring on the east coast.

So what do a lost pet and east coast investors have in common? Both are looking for a good home. As, for us, we’re ready to start building.


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