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Jobs or Education: A Chicken or the Egg Conundrum

Are jobs the answer to crossing the digital divide? Or is it education? Does this seem like a chicken or the egg question of which come’s first? Recently in the post “How Deep is the Divide?” I discussed what the Digital Divide is and it’s possible ramifications. Digging deeper into this topic forces us to … Continue reading

Silicon Alley Expansion Means East Coast Investment

So what do a lost pet and east coast investors have in common? We’ll get to that answer shortly. Recently we were invited to the east cost to participate in Club Pitch Baltimore moderated by Shark Tank’s Daymond John (Founder and CEO of FUBU). This event took 30 start-ups (ours being 1) and had them … Continue reading

The Spread of iPads in Home and School

By John Bergquist, Director of Communications for Soma Games & Code-Monkeys, Huffington Post blogger. My children started attending Dayton Grade School this past week and to my surprise my son’s class provides an iPad for every student. Even today with the proliferation of mobile technology, classrooms across the US run the full spectrum when it comes to technology. It was refreshing … Continue reading

Can Technology Conquer the Industrial Classroom?

Unfortunately most of our classrooms are still set up for the “Industrial Learning Environment,” established over 150 years ago, to produce a student ready to work in some level of a company from the Industrial Revolution. However, our world has changed since the invention of this model in the late 1800’s  and our educational models … Continue reading