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Higher Education can Deal with Technology

By Greg Smith, CIO George Fox University What a great time it is to be working with technology in Higher Education. It was not that long ago that IT departments really only worried about supporting the traditional microcomputer or keeping the enterprise systems running. But the real fun occurs at the front lines where technology … Continue reading

Press On

By Erin E.P. Morris When I was 16 I worked at a yarn shop. A surprisingly fun and interesting job for a high school student, there was one thing above all that has remained with me and it was a little phrase I picked from one of our customers: Press On. Whenever this customer would … Continue reading

A Meaningful Online Experience

By Sarah Warnock The growing field of distance or online education has traditionally been used as a stopgap for those who were unable to attend a physical location but still needed to take classes. Satellite campuses allowed live streaming video so several classrooms could benefit from the same lecture at one time. Correspondence classes allowed … Continue reading

The Potential of Potential

By Erin E.P. Morris Allow me to introduce a new weekly post. On Fridays I want to sort of put something out there that is a bit of a ponderable for you to consider over the weekend… So today I want to start with a question: Are we unintentionally standing in the way of progress? … Continue reading

How Deep is the Divide?

Have you ever stood on top of the Continental divide and looked off east and west to see the land sloping away towards the sea? Standing there on that divide, looking out upon the valleys to either side reminds me of the divide our children are facing in accessing digital information. What is the digital … Continue reading

From the Capitol: Community Makes the Grade

Tuesday night I had the privilege to attend a community conversation on the achievement gap in Salem, Oregon. The room was packed with more than 80 people. Looking around the room you would have seen Hispanic, African-American, Asian, and Caucasian. You would have seen teens, tweens, young adults, middle-aged and the elderly. You would have … Continue reading

Devices in the Third World: The Importance of Context

By Erin E. P. Morris I have recently been accused of having an entirely too grandiose vision of the digital shift occurring in education and the worldwide implications of this shift. Of course I think it is grandiose, but that grandiosity is not my vision, but rather the actual changes occurring. Is it possible to … Continue reading

What would Grandma think of Educational Technology Today?

So sometimes it is hard to imagine that only about 100 years ago we as humans first took to flight successfully. I am sure we took to the air before that, however, I would guess most often unsuccessfully at staying airborne. Probably it was a hard lesson to learn. It’s amazing to think that my … Continue reading

Introducing Seedlingtech

Welcome to SeedlingTech a blog focusing on the convergence of youth culture, education and technology. A sea-change is occurring  in the way individuals are learning and accessing knowledge enabled by mobility. As a result of this sea change there is an opportunity to radically affect the next generation’s educational  experiences both in and out of the classroom. Globally,  innovators in … Continue reading